God Makes Indie Movie

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Season One Episode Breakdown

  1. "Unexpected Places" - Tameka meets the Holy Trinity, and the one year testimony in which God changed her life.
  2. "The Finish Line" - Tameka battles the vicious beasts beneath her food addiction, and receives a disturbing warning from the Holy Ghost.
  3. "Judas" - God removes a false idol from Tameka's life, exposing her vicious greed beneath the surface.
  4. "The Great Divide" - A demon challenges the Word of God and seduces Tameka into continuing her life of sexual immorality, leading to dangerous consequences.
  5. "The Tie That Binds" - Tameka battles her conscience as her will to live slips away and the tragedy of her past creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  6. "The Stopwatch" - Five inmates locked behind bars wonder what will happen when the clock strikes six.
  7. "Revelation" - When God blesses a friend and continues to allow Tameka to suffer, she's consumed with jealousy and sates her rage through a violent confrontation.
  8. "Between the Miles" - Tameka and her conscience race to solve the mystery behind the key to pride so they'll finally be freed from prison.
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